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Yeah, I’m so tired. This tired that sometimes I think about ending it, you know just one shot, or one jump or one cut and then gone forever. All the pain might go away then- maybe then I’ll be free. Maybe if I never wake up everyone will stop wanting stuff from me! Maybe my mum will stop asking me what I’m doing with my life, maybe my sister would stop asking me if I have lost any weight when I’m losing myself everyday! I just cant take in the fact that not even my mother knows half of the stuff that I have been going through. I’m so fucked up that I can’t even explain it- too fucked up to even be able to live with my own lies. I need help before it’s too late. I guess I just need hope


its nearly midnight

and im sat

leaning out the

window smoking

and its raining

and im freezing

and im thinking

about the time

i crossed the road

without looking

not because

i wanted to die

but because

i was no longer

happy living

and as it rains

more i realise

that theres

so much beauty

in a storm and that

maybe its time

to sleep when

you are cold

and crying listening

to radiohead

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